Peer2Profit – Make $100/Month For Free


In today’s article, we will know what is Peer2Profit and how to earn money from it. If you must have heard about honeygain, which gives you profit by using your remaining internet, it also works in the same way.

What is Peer2Profit?

With Peer2Profit, you can earn by sharing unused internet bandwidth. They sell it to companies that do social media marketing or data collection. In return, you will receive compensation for your bandwidth sharing.

Similar to Honeygain, another platform that offers the same type of opportunity. You actually get paid for sharing your unused bandwidth on this website.

Therefore, I’ve mentioned a video that shows you exactly how you can make money with Peer2Profit. Below the video, you can read all the details.

Peer2Profit – Earn Money App

Installing Peer2Profit’s software on your computer or mobile device is the most efficient way to earn money with it. You can download the software from your member dashboard once you register as a member.

Sign Up for Peer2Profit

Software/App Installation

If you want to earn money, you must download and install the software on your computer or smartphone. When you are on the dashboard, simply click the “Download/Install” link on the left side to see something like the image below.


In the screenshot below, you can see that their software is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Ubuntu computers and Android devices. Currently, their software is not compatible with Macs. There may be changes in the future, but for now (at least), those are the only operating systems supported.


You simply need to follow the setup instructions once you have installed the software on your computer. After it is set up, you just need to make sure it is running in the background, and it will handle everything.

It’s really as simple as that. If you haven’t restarted or shut down your computer, you shouldn’t have to worry about it, but you can check on it from time to time.

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